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Website Maintenance

Leave the website management to us for quick updates, reliability, and attention to detail.

Maintenance Categories

We group Website Maintenance into two main categories: “Front-End Maintenance” for upkeep of the stuff website visitors can see, and “Background Maintenance” to protect the stuff that keeps the website alive.

Front-End Maintenance

Regular content updates ensures that a businesses website remains the most reliable source for information, especially up-to-date product/service offerings and availability, as well as general public notices, promotions and ads.

Background Maintenance

Just like a phone, computer, and everything else connected to the internet, website software requires regular updates to keep up with security patches, new code standards and enhancements to existing features. In addition to software updates, our Background Maintenance plans covers the other "behind-the-scenes" technical aspects of managing a website, such as security threat monitoring, and backups.

The Benefits

Signing up for Website Maintenance helps business owners to focus on their business and delegate all website tasks to the experts.

Content Updates

Tell us what's new in your business such as changes to products or services, and we'll make the change on the website for you.

Software Updates

Minimize possible website outages by ensuring critical software updates are handled according to current best practices.


Sometimes problems seemingly come out of nowhere, and figuring out why can be difficult, then fixing them is the next challenge. Save time, and let us solve them for you.

Malware Protection

Every day, over 500,000 new malware code is detected online. We want your website to stay protected with the power of added tools to detect and eliminate threats.

How it Works

We offer Maintenance Credit Packs to allow our customers to take advantage of bulk pricing. 

Our Clients can secure 3, 12, 24, 52, or 104 maintenance credits to efficiently serve small business, and keep up with any fast-paced operations.


Front-End Maintenance Credits

Each front end maintenance credit is redeemable for one 45-minute session to explain, finetune, and complete update requests.

For clients who have front-end credits: every month, clients can make up to 3 requests that take less than 10 minutes to complete, which are completely free and do not consume a credit.


Background Maintenance Credits

Each Background Maintenance credit is redeemable for one session of scheduled background maintenance along with necessary troubleshooting.


Maintenance Schedule

Credits will be used according to a pre-defined schedule, however Website Owners can request adjustments to scheduled activities which are more than one week away.


Discounted Credit Reloads

Exisiting Website Maintenance or Website Bundle Clients get access to a discounted rate on additional credits if they consume the credits already alloted.

Website Maintenance Plans

Our Maintenance Plans empower website owners to maintain a professional, valuable, trustworthy, and reliable digital presence, while overcoming time constraints and reducing risk by not trying to do it themselves.


Front End Updates OnlyBackground MaintenanceDual-Coverage Maintenance
Maintenance Plan NameBrand UpkeepBasicAdvancedProfessionalStarterUltimate
Add/Edit: Blog posts with rich-text & media
Add/Edit: Basic Pages with rich-text & media
Add/Edit: Ecommerce products & coupons
Add/Edit: Popups
Add/Edit FAQ
Replace images
Change/Update: Landing Page Copy
Add/Edit: Forms
Minor* design revisions
Testing key forms and features
Quarterly maintenance review. Feedback will be provided to the client about areas which may need attention.
Website recovery (from available backup) & post-relaunch testing1 credit per month
Update miscellaneous built-in site settings
WP Core, Theme & Plugin Updates: Blind (with rollbacks if errors occur)
Backup monitoring
Non-malicious bug diagnostics
Non-malicious bug troubleshooting
Monthly Maintenance Reports inclsuive of plugin updated, version numbers, and bugs detected and solved
Request changes to Addon Features
WP Core, Theme & Plugin Updates: Developer-Tested
Broken Link hunt and fix
Speed/Performance checks
Manual Security Scans
***Downtime response investigation, troubleshooting and reporting
Website Security (Minimum 12 credit plan required)
Firewall prevents hackers.
SSL certificate included in firewall.
Malware scanning.
Malware cleanupAnnual site cleanup and remediation.Annual site cleanup and remediation.Unlimited site cleanups. Unlimited site cleanups. Unlimited site cleanupsUnlimited site cleanups.
DDoS protection, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) speed boost.
Secure backups25 GB25 GB25 GB25 GB

Maintenance Credits

Maintenance Credit Packs allow website owners to prepay for a certain number of maintenance minutes for each Maintenance Package.


Front-End Maintenance Only

Choosing Front-End Maintenance Only means that some technical Do-It-Yourself work will be required to keep the background aspect of the site running smoothly.

1 credit
59 USD
3 credits
159 USD
12 credits
588 USD
24 Credits
988 USD
52 Credits
1200 USD
104 Credits
1700 USD

Background Maintenance Only

For sites that won’t need to update its content often, Background Maintenance might be all you need to protect the internal components of a website that make magic happen.

1 credit
39 USD
3 credits
99 USD
12 credits
299 USD
24 Credits
549 USD
1 credit
99 USD
3 credits
249 USD
12 credits
899 USD
24 Credits
1250 USD
1 credit
150 USD
3 credits
400 USD
12 credits
1200 USD
24 Credits
1500 USD

Front-End & Background Maintenance Combined

All of these Dual-Coverage Maintenance Credit Packs include 24 Background Maintenance Credits.

The number of credits below refers to Front-End Maintenance Credits.

1 credit
65 USD
3 credits
190 USD
12 credits
700 USD
24 Credits
1200 USD
52 Credits
1950 USD
104 Credits
3750 USD
1 credit
200 USD
3 credits
550 USD
12 credits
1500 USD
24 Credits
1800 USD
52 Credits
2500 USD
104 Credits
2800 USD

Ready to make a payment?

Pay with Visa, Mastercard or NCB Keycard:


  1. Enter the deposit amount provided on your quotation in the “ORDER AMOUNT” field on the payment portal.
  2. Enter the Quotation Ref Number (found near the top left corner on your quote) in the “NOTE” field.

Ready to make a payment?

Do a direct-deposit or a bank transfer:

Bank: First Global Bank Branch: Ocho Rios Transit: 99094
Account Type: Business/Savings Account Name: Local Tech Links Account Number: 0009485


  1. If possible, include the Quotation Ref Number (which can be found found near the top left corner on the quote) in the transaction notes.

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Enhance customer support and engagement with a live chat feature, allowing our clients to provide real-time assistance to website visitors.


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Custom QR Codes

Utilize QR codes for quick access to information or content, bridging the gap between physical and digital experiences.


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Email Address Collection

Build your email subscriber list by collecting email addresses from interested visitors, aiding our clients in creating marketing and outreach campaigns.


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AirBnB Calendar Syncronization

Allow your website visitors to see your available booking dates directly from your website.


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Save form progress

Get more visitors to complete forms by allowing them to save their progress and continue when they have more time.


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Google Sheets Table Syncronization

Syncronize a google sheets table to appear on your website and match the rest of your design.


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